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Coast to Coast for the FFB: THE EQUIPMENT!

Now that we have finished the trip, I have updated this page to more closely reflect what we actually carried. It was constantly changing, but this is about what we ended up with. I've added notes on what was really useful, what was totally not needed, and more.

I tried to be specific as to which of us carried what, but for the most part things broke down like this. We each carried our own personal items. As far as shared items go, AK carried the maps, the guidebook, the first aid kit, the cookware, the stove, and the eating utensils. I carried the tent, the tools, the food, the camera and the pocketmail.

Feel free to email us with any questions,

Bike Stuff:

Camping Stuff:

Tools and Parts: (I carried all of these except where noted, most items were carried in my BOB bag.)

Jeff's Clothing:(Except where noted, I carried all this stuff either in the BOB bag or on my body.)

A.K.'s Clothing: (I am gonna let AK comment on her own clothing when she has a moment.)

Random Stuff:

Food! (Note: Other than a maybe a few bars, don't pack any of this. Just visit a super market as needed. I carried the majority of the food in my rear pannier. Keep in mind this list does not represent what we always had. Think of it more as a suggestion for food you might want to carry.)

Stuff we Thought About Bringing:

Stuff we are NOT Bringing:

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