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Coast to Coast for the FFB: THE ROUTE!

Adventure Cycling's Transamerica Trail is 4,247.5 miles, give or take a few detours. We have decided to to travel east to west for no other reason than it is nice to ride towards home. Plus we've heard it is nice to get the Appalachians out of the way early!

The people at Adventure Cycling have kindly recognized our efforts by donating the complete set of TransAmerica Trail maps. We are very grateful for their support.

Note: All of the images shown here were borrowed from the Adventure Cycling website.

Please let us know if you have any tips on great places to stay, eat, relax, have a beer, nap, visit, etcetera along the Transamerica Trail.

The following is a breakdown of the route. Each section defines a different portion of the Adventure Cycling maps we will be working from.

Note: All of the above images were borrowed from the Adventure Cycling website.

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